The first trade is on us 🍺 €30 for you AND a friend when they sign up to Bitwala

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We’re inviting you to participate in our new refer-a-friend program. We’re offering you and each of your referred friends a whopping €30.

So pull your mate from the mancave and introduce them to cryptocurrencies. Get your grandma into the groove and send her some bitcoin, grab the childhood chum you haven’t seen in over a decade and get them fascinated with trading - the best part is, you’ll both receive €30 when you first sign up to Bitwala.

Be the hero everyone deserves. By participating, you can earn a smooth €30 combined, enough for a cosy takeaway, just don’t forget to split the bill with your Bitwala debit Mastercard.

As €30 is our minimum trading volume, you will enable your friends and family to join the revolution and buy their first bitcoin or ether on us!

How it works:

1. Visit the referral section of the Bitwala app and copy your unique referral link.

2. Share the link with a friend

3. Once a friend has signed up and opened either a Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet, you'll earn €30 – plus, we’ll also welcome your friend to Bitwala with €30.

4. Keep inviting! You can invite as many friends as you like!

You and your friends can look forward to your bonus being transferred to your Bitwala accounts within 15 business days of your friend signing up and creating their wallet.

Pull up a seat, the first trade is on us. 🍺

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