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Bitwala accounts are coming soon

We are excited to announce that we are building, together with our partner bank, an online bank account for the blockchain generation, enabling a seamless transition between the crypto and fiat worlds. We aim to introduce the new Bitwala accounts to the world within the next few months.

German bank accounts

Together with our German partner bank, we are building full-fledged bank accounts that will come with all the functionalities of a traditional account and will be accompanied by a real debit card. Customers will be able to pay at any credit card-accepting merchant. The company’s partner bank is a fully regulated entity by The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany (BaFin), meaning funds stored up to €100,000 will be guaranteed, in this case by the deposit guarantee scheme of German banks.

Blockchain banking, coming soon

Bitwala accounts will be the perfect solution for those seeking secure and crypto-friendly banking services. We’re hard at work to launch online bank accounts that combines all features of traditional banking that you are familiar with an entirely new crypto-first current account. You will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies alongside managing your daily expenses and setting up direct debits. The best of both worlds, all in one place.

Bringing you one card for all your needs

The new Bitwala account will come with a debit card that is linked to your account (no more bitcoin prepaid cards!). This means that the balance on your account will be immediately available on your Bitwala contactless debit card as well. Having the new card will also mean that you will have much lower fees and higher spending limits. No more top-ups or card loads necessary!

More info rolling out soon

Excited about the Bitwala account as much as we are? Join our waiting list to be among the first to gain access to the new account and be one of the first to receive the latest updates on our upcoming feature roll-outs.

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