No more waiting list, open your account in minutes!

No more waiting list, open your account in minutes!

Today we are happy to officially announce that there is no longer a waiting list to open a Bitwala account!

We launched the long-awaited Bitwala accounts in mid-December 2018 with over 40,000 people waiting in line to create an account. Fast forward two months later, we have removed the waiting list and it’s full steam ahead. No more waiting list means that people can start banking and trading crypto with Bitwala straight away. If you create a Bitwala account today, you can start trading and order your free debit card that will arrive at your doorstep within three days.

Surpassing €1 million in trading

We are also pleased to announce that we are growing super fast! In just two months after launching, we have reached over €1 million in bitcoin trading with users from as many as 30 EEA countries.

“We are proud that many of our customers are already using the service as their salary account. This is a strong signal that they trust us. We are presently building our mobile app in-house, which will be released shortly. It will help our customers to further integrate the use of cryptocurrencies into their day-to-day finances,”

Ben Jones, Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Bitwala

2019 will be amazing

We’ll be steadily improving our features over the coming months to provide the best crypto-banking experience. We have also been listening and collecting user feedback in terms of what we can improve on and what you want to see next.

We are proud to say that we are the first to build a fully licensed German bank account with a Bitcoin wallet and trading directly integrated. At the moment, we are hard at work in building a seamless, beautiful and easy-to-use mobile app. But for many of you, great banking does not stop with personal finance.

Lots of you are entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners who need a better solution in managing your business finances. With this in mind, we are also looking into introducing business accounts - one of the most highly requested product since we launched!

We will keep you updated on our progress so look out for updates on our blog, Facebook and Twitter!

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