Bitwala is introducing Trezor

Bitwala is introducing Trezor

We are really proud to announce our newest feature. Even though it was really easy to integrate (special thanks to Kamil, Martin and Alena for helping us so great with the integration) it is still one of our favorite feature.

It makes it so much easier to handle your Bitcoin like every other currency.

How to use Trezor with Bitwala

  1. Send money to a bank account or an Email
  2. Click on the “Pay with Trezor” buttonTrezor
  3. Follow the instructions on the popup and the Trezor device

What our team likes even more about the new feature is the security aspect. We from Bitwala are in the Bitcoin space since the very beginning and we can all still remember a time where were all of us were so scared to loose our bitcoins that we ended up having brain wallets and paper wallets.

We still love the principle of brain and paper wallets but to transfer money from there is just inconvenient. This is why every one of our team owns a Trezor and this is why we like Trezor so much. Since they contacted us for a cooperation we were so keen to integrate it.

The fusion of Bitwala and Trezor is the perfect combination to handle your utilities and payments. You have the security of a Trezor and the speed and the low costs of a Bitwala transfer.

The fee is the lowest on the market and our the best exchange rate is state of the art. We transfer money to your bank account within one business day and are there fore also the fastest Bitcoin banking service.

A strong community

Once again we want to mention the Trezor/Satoshilabs team. We really appreciated your help and your fast support. It was such a pleasure to work with you. I would recommend you to any one who owns more than 1 Bitcoin.

In addition you have a great product and you do a lot for the usability of Bitcoin and there fore a lot for the community.
So I really mean it when I say: Thanks for everything!


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