Bitwala launches Android app

Bitwala launches Android app

After months of hard work and dedication, we are proud to announce the launch of our feature-packed Android app. With the Bitwala Android app, users in any part of the world have the freedom of handling their financials at their fingertips.

Have full control while on the go

We have put a lot of thought and careful consideration into creating this app. We believe in the possibility of living exclusively on Bitcoin. With that in mind, our Bitwala app was specifically designed to cater to all of your Bitcoin needs. Through real-time notifications, the Bitwala app allows you to track and manage any transaction that took place from your Bitwala account. Secured with a 4-digit PIN access, you can easily view history of all your transactions and card top ups. You can also easily view your Bitwala wallet balance.



Crypto to FIAT with no hefty fees

You can now purchase, make payments and make international money transfers using Bitcoin and Altcoins when you’re out and about. We’ve also made it as simple as it could be. Simply add an e-mail address or fill out the bank account details of your recipient by paying our invoice with QR code and issue transfers to any part of the world. Transactions on our platform are carried out using the best Bitcoin exchange rate and lowest processing fees you can find on the market.


“The Bitwala mobile app takes us a step further in bringing our customers with the best blockchain banking experience. We have put in a lot of thought and careful consideration in designing the app. The app ensures every business man, freelancer or traveler that living on Bitcoin is possible and that it can be truly hassle-free.” – Jörg von Minckwitz, CEO of Bitwala

The Bitwala app is a highly requested and long-awaited addition to our product line. You can now enjoy all the benefits, features, along with our flat and low fees anytime, anywhere. We want to know your thoughts and feedback on our app that you can submit here.

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