Five new features of the new and improved Bitwala app 🚀

Five new features of the new and improved Bitwala app 🚀

Introducing the Bitwala app on Android and iOS. Buy, sell and store bitcoin with just a few swipes from your mobile phone. 📲

Back in December, we launched the Bitwala account, featuring a bank account, bitcoin wallet and trading combined. Now we've glad to say we've completed another bold milestone for the future of payments: bitcoin trading and banking, to mobile.

Let’s take a closer look inside the latest next-generation mobile banking experience.

1. A modern wallet where you can store, send & receive bitcoin.

Request a custom amount of bitcoin through the Bitwala wallet. The desired amount can be entered in Euro or bitcoin and then the generated QR code is scanned by the sender.

Still yet to create a wallet yourself? Lola, our Chief Happiness Officer, will guide you through the wallet creation process directly through the app.


2. Never miss a single transaction.

Keep a close eye on your account activities by setting your own push notifications. Receive a notification for every card and bitcoin transaction - you decide.

3. On the go? Open an account in just a few minutes, directly from your mobile.

Creating an account is now easier than ever! Get yourself fully verified in a few minutes, straight from your mobile phone.

4. Top-notch security with biometric technology.

Authorise bitcoin transactions with the latest biometric technology; there’s no need to enter your wallet password every time.

5. Lost your card? No problem.

Lock the Bitwala card with a swipe and in the event of loss or theft, you can now order a new one with ease.

Download the app for Android and iOS today.

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