We did it! Announcing Bitwala’s €13m Series A funding round 💰

We did it! Announcing Bitwala’s €13m Series A funding round

As you might’ve guessed, we are pretty huge fans of digital currency, but sometimes greatness comes from good ol’ tangible money.

Here at Bitwala, we are hard-at-work promoting the adoption of bitcoin, with simplicity and accessibility being our main focus. The Bitwala account, being the world’s first to combine bitcoin and banking, solves just that for thousands of people across Europe, and we’re only just getting started.

We are very excited to announce to our users that the Bitwala team raised a grand total of 13 million Euros in series A round. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the future, it’s bright, shiny and highly digitised.

In December, we re-launched a product that connects bitcoin to the current financial system and now we have a beautifully designed Android and iOS app with some pretty nifty features. We’re also preparing to launch additional cryptocurrencies and business accounts in the not-so-distant future.

This means we are more motivated than ever to provide simple access to cryptocurrencies to transform digital assets for the online banking generation. From three guys and a dog to over 40 people, it’s no surprise the journey we’ve been on has been, well, quite a journey!

We’re not afraid to admit that launching the kind of crypto banking service people love was a challenging journey with the mandatory-startup bumps along the road. After all, we’ve had to significantly pivot our product offering, but what’s the rough without the very smooth?

We are pleased to say we’re now reaping the rewards from all the hard work, carried out by our talented team (we’re hiring). And guess what, we’re stronger than ever!

Next, moon! Catch all the details of our latest funding round here.

Bitwala Team

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