Introducing the Bitcoin Interest Account: earn up to 4% on your Bitcoin 🌱


We’re here to switch up the way you manage your crypto investments ⭐

In uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to start building or rebalance your investment portfolio with diversified income streams.

As financial institutions start to brazenly climb back from the lows, it’s no better time to invest your bitcoin with competitive rates - rates where you can earn up to 4% on your crypto holdings.

The new way to generate wealth

At Bitwala, we believe that everyone should be able to create the financial future they want for themselves. From buying your own apartment to travelling the world on a passive income, whatever your goal is - we want to help you get there.

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A big component of investing is earning passive income. People want to make the best use of the assets they already hold and earn as much of it as possible, while not actively managing them.

No matter if you're a long-time HODLer or simply new to trading with crypto: our latest product makes investing straightforward and easy. By offering you a service that can be used with just a few taps, we want to enable you to take hold of your own financial future. Say hello to the Bitcoin Interest Account!

Down with low rates 🌱

Here’s a little secret brick-and-mortars are hiding: they don’t want to pay you higher interest rates, even if they could. Our partnership with Celsius aims to change this by providing access to crypto lending markets with more attractive rates at Bitwala.

The best bits:

  • Weekly payouts every Monday

  • No lockup, you can add & withdraw anytime

  • Fast Liquidity: withdraw and convert to Euro within minutes

  • Minimum investment of €10 in BTC

  • Only network fees apply - no additional fees for investing or withdrawals

Use your bitcoin without selling. How it works:

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What you see:

1. Invest in cryptocurrency from the Bitwala Bitcoin Wallet into your Bitcoin Interest Account💰

2. Watch your bitcoin grow 🌱

3. Interest is paid out every Monday 👋

4. You can invest more or withdraw your newly-earned Bitcoin at any given time 💸

In order to earn interest for you, Celsius deploys most (but not all!) of its assets in the crypto credit and lending markets. Since its launch, Celsius has originated over $6 billion in coin loans. Celsius works with over 150 institutional borrowers who go through a rigorous clearing process and onboarding process. The loans are collateralised, meaning crypto assets or FIAT are provided to Celsius by the borrower as a security.*

*Investing cryptocurrencies via the Bitcoin Interest Account is associated with significant risks. To learn more about the risk check out our risk disclosure.

Do the rates change?

Interest rates are calculated by Celsius on a weekly basis, based on the demand for Bitcoin by their institutional borrowers. Rates are subject to change. You can see the latest weekly rates in the Bitwala app.

Why did we choose Celsius for the job?

Celsius is the fastest-growing crypto lending company in the world, topping $6.2 billion in loans. Celsius’ mission is to “leverage blockchain technology as a means to create a new kind of financial service that acts in your best interests” and we feel this fits the Bitwala mantra very well.

Want to get started and own your future with Bitcoin? Head over to the Bitwala app and create your first Bitcoin Interest Investment.

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