Five questions you asked us about our mobile app launch


Jheez, time really does fly in crypto-space!

It’s been a whole month since we first launched our flagship mobile app, on Android and iOS. Buying and selling bitcoin has never been easier. While we’ve been doing the fine-tuning we’ve also been eyeing up the responses to the launch and we have to admit we are pretty humbled by all the great feedback we've been getting.

We hear you! That’s why we’ve gathered together a list of questions we received over the last month from our trusty users.

1. Buying/selling is pretty simple right now, are you adding anything else to the mix? 👨‍💻

Although we like to be called ‘simple but effective’ we can confirm we are going to spruce up the trading platform by adding trading graphs and signals to the app. That way, you can track the trends and BTC price movement just before you make those all-important trades. Keep an eye out for the update over the next few weeks!

2. I love the app, great job! How can I tell a friend to

sign up? 🕺

If you’re like us and want to get Santiago from finance straight into bitcoin trading so you can discuss hodling during your lunch break, wouldn’t it be cool to get some kind of reward for that?

Good news! We’re currently working on our super-charged referral engine, which means we’ll give you and your referral a pretty nifty bonus for every friend that signs up to Bitwala. In the meantime, you can invite your friends, colleagues and fluffy pets directly through the app.

3. Why is the wallet creation process longer than (insert company name)? 🧠

It’s true, our mobile wallet creation process is longer than the average, but then again, we’re not your average bank or wallet provider. We’ve prioritised security and trust over wallet creation speed.

Our mobile wallet creation has been built so any customer can get from A to B. After all, it’s one of the most fundamental parts of our product and without it, you cannot buy, sell, send or receive bitcoin. That’s why we didn’t want to take any shortcuts, that's just not us!

4. Will there be continual improvements to the Bitwala app? 🤖

We’ll be rolling out further updates to make the app a smoother experience for everyone. Thought of a jaw-droppingly awesome improvement? Feel free to email us at and we’ll look into making that a reality.

5. Are you adding other currencies?

For now, we’re keeping it under wraps what we plan to launch next but we can tell you now that Winter is coming, other currencies are too!

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