Four reasons why women should be interested in the Berlin fintech scene


If you google women in tech there is no shortage of articles calling out the deafening absence of women within startup and FinTech industries. One such article, published by Forbes, reminds us that the tech industry is leading the way in all aspects but gender equality. The data can be disheartening and the articles do little to entice women to get involved in an industry that appears so unwelcoming.

Bitwala wants to promote and encourage diversity in tech so we have provided just a few of the reasons why we think the Berlin startup and fintech scene is a great place for women to work:

A City That Has It All

How exactly did Berlin become a hub for startups? Consider it a bit of a chicken and the egg situation. Startup companies established themselves in Berlin to take advantage of the affordable working spaces and the large labour pool, while individuals moved here for its surplus of job opportunities and reasonable cost of living. Berlin is also well connected by public transit and according to a survey done in 2018, 52% of women consider the ease of commute a determining factor in their desire for a particular job. And don’t be frightened by your lack of German. People from all over the globe have immigrated to Berlin, turning into an international hub where many people speak English as a second language.

A Playground to Work In

Small teams, diverse culture, and a desire to flirt with the unpredictable; the startup scene is a refreshing environment change for those who dread the monotony of a corporate 9-5. Startups are malleable environments, asking employees for versatility and a willingness to do what needs to be done, regardless of their role in the company. This also means that it’s the kind of environment that acknowledges the individual and welcomes good ideas no matter where they come from.

There Is Stability in Crypto

Startups are no longer synonymous with uncertainty. As surprising as it may sound there is a substantial amount of security in the field of FinTech. Finleaps Insights explains that “unlike London, [the] Berlin...climate becomes perfect for Fintech. Shown by the creation of 139 Fintechs in Berlin in 2014, ‘Berlin has proven [to be] the perfect city for startups to enter the playing field.’” Feel free take a look at Dataconomy to learn more about this trend.

Don’t Worry, You’ll Become an Expert

Cryptocurrency, and the work we are doing here at Bitwala is an ever-changing field that requires constant attention. According to an article written by Hannah Neuburger, women mainly apply to jobs when they feel they meet 100% of the requirements, compared to men who feel confident to apply even if they only meet 60%. Many startup companies for tech and crypto are trying to do things that have never been done before, so they are looking beyond so-called-experts and field veterans. Instead, startups look for candidates who are excited to get their hands dirty and want to engage in the unknown. No one can know everything, especially in our field, so why let that stop you?

We believe the world of Fintech and startups need more female voices. From the outside this industry can look like a boys club, but just like for the world of cryptocurrencies, a change is upon us. And for Bitwala, that is more than just PR fluff.

“My name is Maria and I have been working at Bitwala since December 2017. Starting as the second member, after the CPO, of their product team, I helped Bitwala build a completely new banking product from scratch. Now as Senior Product Manager, thanks to Bitwala’s support and encouragement of my growth, I’m working on making the product even better and planning really interesting features to build on during the year. Before joining Bitwala I worked for a large corporation, so I’ve seen both sides of the spectrum, and I largely prefer the challenges and opportunities one can only find in FinTech start-ups”

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Women in fintech

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