Happy Birthday, Bitwala! Celebrating our fourth birthday 🎂

Happy Birthday Bitwala

To all our loyal customers, followers and supporters: a message from the Bitwala co-founders:

Cryptocurrency is a game changer and something that we whole-heartedly believe in. It has a real opportunity to change the face of the money as we know it. Our vision is to empower people to exchange value like they exchange ideas: globally, instantly & at the lowest possible cost.

Back when we started the company, it was almost impossible to imagine that cryptocurrency would be where it is today. Similar to bitcoin itself, our company started with a blank sheet of paper. At this time nobody was talking about whitepapers.

We knew cryptocurrency had the potential to disrupt a lot, but the problem was people weren’t using it. One of the first problems we solved was the spendability of bitcoin. As time went on we realised that cryptocurrency would only become widely used if we integrated it with traditional finance and that’s how we came up with the idea for Bitwala, the world’s first crypto bank account.

Four years have passed, (which in startup-universe is equivalent to about forty years!) A lot has happened since its inception in late 2015. We’ve pivoted our product offering, been temporarily offline with our first product, started from scratch and a whole lot more.

What really counts is that we’re here, better than ever with a renewed love for making blockchain and cryptocurrency useful and accessible for everyone.

What changed throughout the years is the size of our team, from three guys and a dog to over fifty enthusiastic, smart individuals who wear the Bitwala badge with pride. Our company culture echoes throughout our values and we’re delighted to be a part of the ever-growing crypto scene in Berlin. We never expected to grow so large with such an awesome following behind us and we are still completely humbled by it all.

What’s next for us? Well, it’s to the moon from here...

- Ben, Jan & Jörg


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