At Bitwala, only 16% of investors are women. Here’s our promise for improvement.

Company NewsMar 6th 21
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Bitcoin enters the mainstream, but women investors still lag behind.

International Women’s Day is a chance to celebrate the successes of women around the world.

At Bitwala we want to empower women to own their financial future, which means encouraging them to invest, save and join the crypto revolution. Cryptocurrencies are democratising financial access and inclusion, regardless of gender.

While the current bull run has thrust bitcoin into the spotlight, we crunched some numbers on our user base to see if there were any changes in the habits of women investors. We reported that, while during the 2021 bull run, there is a significant increase in first-time investors, only 16% are women - a clear indication that there is much more to be done.

During the start of the 2021 bull run, 16% of overall investors from the Bitwala userbase are women, while 83% are male investors.

The overall investment behaviour of women & men is very different if we look into different studies and data of trading platforms and exchanges. Whereas men often tend to invest more intuitively & frequent, women invest more time into building up an investment strategy and focus more on long-term investments. Education and guidance play a crucial role for women, as they prefer to do well-informed investments.

"The current state of crypto investment opportunities including educational material is not designed for a very diverse target group, it’s rather the opposite. No surprise, women do not feel attracted to take serious action even though the interest is there to start the first investment. This is changing slowly as Bitcoin is not seen as a short term investment but rather digital value storage. More and more people follow a longer-term buy and hold strategy. Offering saving plans and thus, allowing a more strategic approach to purchasing crypto in combination with a more diverse experience on the platform will help us to attract a more diverse target group in the near future."

- Kristina Walcker-Mayer, Chief Product Officer

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The fact that a large percentage of our user base suggests there is still much to do in order for crypto to become fully mainstream and integrated within all groups of society.

We believe that education to cryptocurrencies may not be as accessible or tailored to women as it is to men and therefore will encourage and foster active learning and education on Bitcoin to achieve an increasingly diverse audience.

"The idea for cryptocurrencies and decentralised finance, is to democratize finance just as the internet democratized content and information. We are excited to play our part in bringing this industry forward. What we want to ensure is that the benefits and impact of this technology are felt by everyone, men and women alike. The sector has been and is to this day, male-driven but it is our goal to ensure that women are and feel empowered to be part of this peaceful revolution."
- Philipp Beer, Chief Growth Officer

In the upcoming months, Bitwala will evolve to be more inclusive, because everyone deserves an opportunity to invest in their future.


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