Pass it on: Support community recovery and earn 4% cashback in bitcoin

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This year has been tough for many. The pandemic compromised people’s livelihoods and stunted economic growth for a plethora of critical industries.

We at Bitwala wanted to spread the Christmas message in a different way. This year, we’re promoting the message of “Pass it on”. The mantra of passing on good karma that you have recently received yourself.

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Bitcoin was born out of a recession. The economic crisis paved the way for the biggest shift in currency since fiat money began: digital gold was created at the peak of 2008, the last crisis the world faced before today.

As we see bitcoin bravely climb new all-time-highs, it’s now time to support economic recovery. Restaurants, gyms and local cinemas are all bearing the brunt of the second lockdown. While public spaces aren't looking 'normal' anytime soon, those small businesses are having to face a choice: adapt to overcome.

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How to shop local this year

A reminder to use take-outs

While lockdown rules are different across Europe, it’s still more important than ever to shop online or safely visit your local cafe, restaurants or shops, especially since they’ve been economically hit the hardest. Many local businesses have moved online to deal with the pandemic and adapted in innovative ways.

From printing takeaway bags and delivering order-in beverages, the food industry has put its creative hat on to keep companies going through the shutdown. So now’s the time to grab that carrot cake in-a-box and mulled wine in-a-coffee-cup.

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Buy vouchers for better times

Buying vouchers for later supports business now. Many entertainment industries such as cinemas and theatres are offering a 6-month season pass in exchange for a one-off fee. This fee supports businesses during the toughest times but also means you grab a great deal when they reopen. Offer your loved ones a gift card for the future, to enjoy an experience together when it is safe to do so.

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Shop at online independent retailers for 4% cashback

New users signing up to Bitwala can order online and earn 4% back in bitcoin on each purchase with their debit card. Spend with independent retailers online and reap the rewards back in bitcoin right up until the end of the year.


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