8 places to shop local in Berlin and online to make a difference

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This Christmas, shopping local really makes a difference. We’ll show you where.

This Christmas, pass on some goodness and get rewarded for it. In this article, we will try to make you discover some Berlin spots that you might not know about (yet), but that might surprise you.

These are all spots that need your support this Christmas. And since we are based in the same city as them, we decided to give back to the city that is our home. So prepare to help, get ready to use your Bitwala card and get rewarded with 4% Bitcoin cashback for every purchase*.

‘Tis the season to shop, help and earn BTC.

Shopping in Berlin is easy – thanks to the many exciting shops the city has to offer. Let’s keep it that way and make sure that smaller, local shops can get through the pandemic. How, you ask? Simple: by spending your money on their online stores.

Ting Shop

Looking for beautiful tings to prop up your apartment? Look no further. Ting Shop in Rykestraße has all you need. You can check what they offer online and earn your Bitcoin cashback with every purchase.

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Just for the boys

OK, buying a suit in times of lockdown might sound a bit off. But: you might want to suit up for these special occasions that are just around the corner (can’t you hear these jingle bells?) And you will be happy to have a top-notch suit to do just that. And that’s what you can get at “Just for the boys'' in Berlin.

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Reward yourself with a cultural scene that survives lockdown – and 4 % BTC on top.

Berlin is buzzing with independent cultural institutions – or at least, it was until March of 2020. Since then, shutdown measures have prevented theatres, cinemas and night clubs from opening their doors to the public. There are no two ways of putting it: if you want things to stay interesting after the pandemic, help them out today. With gift-cards, for example. Or purchases from webshops. Here’s a small selection of Bitwala’s favourites from the cultural sector.

Schaubühne Berlin

A firm favourite in the far western part of the city, the Schaubühne is a modern theatre located in one of the most beautiful Bauhaus buildings (actually, an old cinema). You can purchase their gift cards online.

Yorck Kinos

Yorck Kinos are the institution when it comes to left-of-centre movies and OV-movies. You can buy gift cards in their online shop for now, look forward to enjoying some movie time with friends soon(ish) and enjoy the instant reward of 4 % BTC cashback if you use your Bitwala-debit card for the purchase.

Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

The Staatliche Mussen zu Berlin is a group of museums that span from modern art to archaeology. Purchasing an annual pass is a good idea to support them now, and is valid three years from the date of purchase. Help out Berlin’s museums, get your pass here and reward yourself with 4 % BTC cashback.

Club culture

Berlin is famous for its clubs. Let’s keep it that way. But, instead of promoting one specific club, we want to give you more general advice here: the only way to help them out is to donate or buy something in a clubs’ webshop. Many clubs offer mixes, T-Shirts and more – at least you will be able to have a little reminder of club life until it eventually resumes.

“To go + Bitcoin” is the new “going to a restaurant”.

The Berlin gastronomical scene is diverse, super exciting and world-famous. And the good news: It’s still going! Not as strong as it was before the Pandemic, but you can still get your favourite meals to go or even delivered right to your doorstep. Ordering food is a great idea this Christmas – it helps your favourite restaurants and makes you happy.

Cookies Show

Some say Cookies was Berlin's best club-experience. Others say it was the best gastronomical experience. This, it still is: with Cookies Show, you can now order 4-course-menus delivered to your doorstep. The only thing left to do for you: heat the food, enjoy it and earn these 4 % Bitcoin if you paid with your Bitwala card.


Well – recommending a restaurant called Hotspot might appear a bit ironic in times like these. But it’s worth checking it out: based in Charlottenburg, this Chinese restaurant is known for its high-quality food and their crazy wine selection. You can get both for takeaway and also take away that 4% in BTC if you pay with your Bitwala debit card.

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