Top places to spend bitcoin in Moscow


As many people travel to Russia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, we compile a list of top places where you can spend bitcoin while seeing football action first hand, starting with Moscow.

In addition to being the capital, Moscow, a massive metropolis, is also very vibrant and creative. To welcome the fans that will arrive from mid-June till July 15th, many establishments have gotten in on crypto. Not to say that there were no places accepting bitcoin before.

Throughout the tournament, including the qualifying and the knockout stages, there will be 12 matches in total played in Moscow. Here are the places where you can spend bitcoin in Moscow while watching football and/or between the matches:

Eating and drinking

Russian food is delicious. This is not a wild guess or wishful thinking but an attestation from our Russian Bitwala colleagues. But the streets of Moscow also boast a wider selection of international and regional equally delicious food. From hearty meat dishes to tasty desserts, Moscow restaurants cater to every taste and wish. Without further ado, those that accept bitcoin are below:


Russian cuisine and the first restaurant in Moscow to accept bitcoin, Tsvetnoy Blvd, 5


Not only does it accept bitcoin but it also held its own ICO, Petrovka street 21


Craft beer chain, choose your branches wisely since only some accept Bitcoin


Bar chain, pay for drinks with bitcoin in many of its Moscow branches

Honourable mentions

Burger King

In June 2017 the fast-food chain announced that it will accept cryptocurrency at its stores in Russia.


Back in 2013, it was announced that one of the franchises located in Dmitrovskoe highway had started accepting bitcoin. In compiling this list, we did our research but could not verify whether this is still the case.

If you drop by either of those, let us know!


Besides great food and a growing selection of places where you can pay with Bitcoin, Moscow is also known for its traffic which can at times last hours on end. Get to your destination on your own payment terms using these services:


A luxury taxi service that accepts bitcoin when you take your rides with them


If you’re planning to attend matches in various parts of this massive country, you’ll probably need an airlift. Hailed as the world’s first airline to accept bitcoin, since 2014, it flies to many destinations in Europe, Middle East and across Russia.

Other places where you can spend bitcoin in Moscow

The crypto scene is buzzing with events and Moscow happens to be the destination of choice for many of these conferences. Naming them belongs in a different article but if your curiosity is overflowing, check out this comprehensive guide of crypto conferences and events. Mentioning all the places where you can spend bitcoin in Moscow won’t be complete without naming a few eclectic ones that didn’t make it into the other categories, namely:

Co-working space that accepts bitcoin and hosts different meetups on the subject, Rochdelskaya Street, 15

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