How we’re supporting our users through times of uncertainty


The coronavirus is at the front of everyone’s minds and most news reports, and we’re all hearing from leaders around the world that the health crisis is leading us into a financial crisis.

These last few weeks, we’ve seen and heard stories from our users about how they’re reinventing their lives and businesses. By safeguarding our health and protecting societal wellbeing, our users have also made a lot of selfless sacrifices along the way.

One of our company values we hold dear to us is Adapt. When the first version of our product closed overnight in 2018, we didn’t let that stop us. We pivoted to create the world’s first cryptocurrency bank account.

By adapting to our situation, we can now proudly say that Bitwala wallets are currently holding 0,01094% of all BTC in circulation (at a glance that number may look unimpressive, but take a second to think how huge that is) and have become a feature of the international crypto environment that’s not going anywhere.

We didn’t hold onto the past and resist change, we evaluated the market climate and people’s needs and embraced what we found to build a better version of our product that reflects our mission and values. It was a huge opportunity, brought on by unfortunate times.

Bitcoin was born out of a different crisis and we do believe that innovative solutions can come from unlikely places. And while we won’t be pivoting to pharma-tech we do hope that we can encourage more people to embrace alternatives to our dominant financial systems which seem so vulnerable to crisis.

Be Your Own Bank

Recessions can create change and transformation.We were born from the lack of trust from people who did not trust incumbents during the 2008 crisis. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer currency that operates without central banks, the very same banks that were at the heart of the economic downturn. While the Bitcoin market also fluctuates, we’re proud to enable the masses an easy way to invest in a cryptocurrency that has no central ties to anyone but the users and the technology around it.

Trade From Your Sofa

You may have heard us say recently that Bitwala can be done from your sofa. Our business model ensures that even the most isolated of users can use Bitwala from start to finish. By using a video operator to open an account there’s no need to make direct physical contact when verifying your identity.We have radical visions of a healthy future for us all that liberates us from the failures of fiat currency – among which is unhygienic paper money.

When trading bitcoin and ether or making a transfer you are in full control with just a few swipes from your mobile. Our technology was built to connect the digital world with the real world by cutting out the middleman.

Business As Usual

We’re open for business and nothing changes for you as a customer of Bitwala. To ensure peace of mind, we’re focusing more on customer support so we can assist you during these times. All the great features Bitwala offer are operating as they normally would.

Regular Market Updates

We provide you with twice-weekly updates on the current market through our trading team. We want all our users to stay informed with the best resources out there, and we’re ready to share our knowledge with the world.

If you’ve got some time on your hands for learning something new, our Bitwala Academy is the right place to make a start with your crypto wisdom - it’s 100% free to use.

Home Office - Own Office

Protecting the wellbeing of our employees, the people that make Bitwala so special, is our main priority. In order to #FlattenTheCurve, we’ve made sure each and every one of our employees are at home during this period.

We’re not just ensuring everyone works from home, we’re also making sure our employees are more than well-equipped to do the job, with security in mind.“Work like nobody will notice the difference” is what we’re striving for and we’ve done a great job of doing just that. Kudos!

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