We are switching to VISA 🎉


If you’re particularly eagle-eyed and have been checking our website, you’ve probably noticed something different about our debit card.

We’re moving into the new year with a bang, having made the decision to make the switch from Mastercard to VISA for the new year ahead.

Why did we make the switch?

As our roadmap plans for the new year begin to take shape, we can start by announcing the first step which enables us to bring even more perks and features to your card. Even more than the current unlimited free ATM withdrawals and unrivalled foreign exchange rates. (What, really?)

We’ve been tracking the feature requests provided by our community and made the decision to move forward with a provider that’ll allow us to turn your most frequent requests into reality. Once we’ve moved to VISA it’ll be a lot easier to work on the products you love.

What can we offer in the future:

GooglePay: Connect your account to Google and pay for everyday items by scanning your mobile on a Point of sale (PoS). No physical card needed.

Virtual Cards: Securely shop online with an online card that can be safely stored inside your app.

Note: these features are what we can offer with VISA, and are not yet available with Bitwala just yet. However, we won’t be shy to announce when we do. Keep following us!

What happens to my existing Mastercard?

Absolutely nothing changes. You can continue to use the card as normal right until its expiry date.

When will you introduce VISA?

We’ve already made the switch but you’ll be officially able to order your card in the next couple of weeks.

Can I order a VISA instead?

You can order a VISA card replacement inside the app. However, we charge €9.50 for replacement card fees. Make sure your bank account is topped up with the right balance to order.

Will I still be able to convert crypto and spend Euro?

Everything remains the same and we offer the same features as before.

Excited for the switch? Tell us in less than 360 characters on Twitter.


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