The story of our latest app redesign ✨

portfolio redesign

You may have noticed that we recently gave our app a refreshing new look. The latest update not only features a product that allows you to earn interest on your bitcoin but a beautiful redesign that was given the thumbs up by the people that make Bitwala so unique: our users.

We’re going to explain the story of why we’ve taken our app redesign to the next level and how the new design enables you to manage your wealth in one place.

Chapter 1: A new wealth-generating experience💰

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It was time to embrace change. The new design gives a fresh new look for the next generation of wealth management combined with a modern straight-to-the-point neo- banking experience. You can now fully enjoy all your banking features and investments in separate dashboards. Read more about the split here.

Chapter 2: All your investments. One dashboard.

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The redesign’s standout feature is the new portfolio look. Before, you were able to swipe between the euro and the crypto world. This functionality offered tangibility between the digital and real-world, but what if we wanted to expand our crypto investment offering?

To ensure our future plans (there’s a lot coming your way) are streamlined for the long-term, we’ve introduced the “Portfolio View” where you can hold all your digital assets and investments in one place.

Now you can store & manage all your investments in three tabs; Ethereum, Bitcoin & your Bitcoin Interest Account. It’s even easier to keep on top of all your digital assets and manage them from one spot. Plus, it gives us room to grow our next exciting product offering.

Chapter 3: Manage & track the performance of your investments

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Knowledge is power. We’ve made it simple to track the performance of all your combined investments. Drag your finger across the daily, monthly or yearly charts to seamlessly navigate through your investments and see how well they’re doing.

The green leaf in the top right indicates a ‘positive’, growing portfolio, while the orange wilting leaf represents a decline from the previous period. It’s these kinds of finishing touches that make Bitwala so delightful to use.

Chapter 4: Filter your assets

Switch the view between individual assets to filter on which data you’d like to track. Whether you’re keen to know more about your Interest Account or watch your ether gains - you can easily switch to whichever view fits your needs best.

If you haven’t already done so, check out our new look and prepare to be ‘WOW’d’ from the moment you tap the app.

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