Top Crypto Meetups in Germany


When moving to a new city or simply traveling solo, meeting like-minded people with similar interests can be hard. A common solution for this issue is to join meetup groups. However, with so many meetups out there, how do you know which one would be perfect for you? Whether you’re in Germany for a few days or for an indefinite period of time, we have made a list of top crypto meetups in Germany!


Germany’s historic capital city is a mecca of artists, bohemians, and entrepreneurs. The city, famous for its cheap beers and liberal-creative districts, is also considered by many (including familiar faces in the Berlin crypto scene) as the crypto capital of Europe. Check out the meetups below and see for yourself if the city really is a focal point for cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Meetup Berlin, 4159+ members, held monthly
Berlin Ethereum Meetup, 2655+ members, held monthly
Bitcoin Lab Berlin, 1942+ members, held monthly


When people hear of Munich, what usually comes to mind are lederhosen, bretzel, and well, beer. But did you know that aside from the world-famous Oktoberfest, the Bavarian capital has some of the largest crypto meetups in the country?

Bitcoin Munich, 3079+ members, held monthly
Blockchain Munich, 1941+ members, held monthly
Blockchain Mastermind, 1048+ members, held monthly


Hamburg is arguably Germany’s most famous harbour city (Did you know that it’s also the third largest port in the world?). Aside from the legendary Hamburg Fischmarkt (an institution since 1703, attracting over 70,000 people every Sunday!) and The Reeperbahn, home to Hamburg’s red light district, the city also has a strong crypto community.

Bitcoin, Blockchain & Emerging Tech That Changes the World, 1513+ members, held monthly
Innovationsforum Hamburg, 1085+ members, held monthly
Blockchain & Beer Hamburg, 782+ members, held bimonthly


Ripe with culture, amazing restaurants and offers a wealth of history, Frankfurt is a great city for both living and visiting. It’s the centre of business and banking in Europe and at times cleverly referred to as Mainhatten, in allusion to the New York district of Manhattan. Make sure to check out interesting crypto meetups in Frankfurt’s growing crypto scene.

Blockchain Meetup Frankfurt, 1900+ members
Ethereum Meetup Central Germany, 1053+ members


The capital of North Rhine Westphalia and Germany’s seventh largest city is home to a myriad of cultures, funky futuristic architecture, and pockets of history. Join fellow crypto enthusiasts in the city’s growing crypto scene by checking out the interesting meetups below!

CryptoMonday | Blockchain Düsseldorf, 988+ members, held monthly
CryptoDorf - Blockchain, Ethereum, SmartContracts and Co., 722+ members

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