Top 10 go-to sites for Bitcoin news in 2019


The world is changing at a rapid rate, meaning it’s now more important than ever to have access to reliable communication and impartial Bitcoin news sources.

With the vast amount of noise in the Bitcoin space, it’s often cumbersome to navigate through the various sources on the web. Whether you’re a crypto pioneer or a bitcoin newbie, we’ve spared you the troublesome task of finding your go-to place for all things decentralised.

Here you’ll find a compiled list of top ten useful sites to discover the latest news on Bitcoin, whether it be trading analysis, market updates, or general crypto updates.

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1. Coindesk

Coindesk has been compared to as the “New York Times” of the crypto world. Besides providing readers with the latest news in blockchain and the crypto economy, they give bite-sized educational resources to those new to the space. Founded in 2013, Coindesk created the Bitcoin Price Index which is commended by industry giants such as The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and Financial Times.

2. CoinTelegraph

CoinTelegraph are one of the most reliable news sources on the crypto web and has rightfully established itself as a market leader who is crystallizing their advertising and sponsored content products. They’re particularly renowned for their colourful crypto-related cartoons, which are frequently shared across the globe on Twitter.

Alongside current crypto affairs, CT organises a yearly conference called The Blockshow, a flagship conference in the crypto space. Site features include market tools such as an ICO calendar, a heatmap, and a merchandise store.

3. Block Geeks

Block Geeks is an overall blockchain and bitcoin resource for the Bitcoin newbie. Their mission proudly states they are “a groundbreaking learning experience". Alongside the usual crypto news updates, Block Geeks offer free educational courses which give you the chance to earn coins while learning along the way. Further, they provide accelerated programs filled with useful information on how to be a blockchain developer.

4. Bitcoin Chaser

BitcoinChaser offers high-quality coverage and promises the most up-to-date information about bitcoin, blockchain and other cryptos hot on the market. As well as information, Bitcoin Chaser offers in-depth interviews with influencers on the market, namely CEOs and other big names from cryptocurrency startups and investment companies.

5. Bitcoinist

The Bitcoinist has been part of the crypto community as far back as 2013. Besides daily news and different categories, they offer precise How-to Guides as well as a calendar for upcoming Bitcoin conferences. Further, they’re pretty big on crypto tech, reviewing many crypto and Bitcoin-related gadgets and hardware devices such as wallets, miners and credit cards.

6. News BTC

Everybody knows by now that the cryptocurrency sector is a flourishing industry with a ton of potential. NewsBTC is a premier news and resource platform, working since October 2013 to bring quality news content, reviews, technical analysis and other unique insights to the ever-growing cryptocurrency community.

7. Blockonimi

Blockoimi, founded in 2017 and based in the UK is a relatively new one-stop news shop for all fintech, blockchain and crypto-related content. If you’re keen to dive deep within the space, Blockonimi is your best bet. Alongside interactive news content, they offer a unique live 24-hour blockchain TV.

8. 99bitcoins

99bitcoins was among one of the first crypto news sites to set up a crypto-education platform. The site offers precise reviews of how to buy bitcoin and how to use certain exchanges. They also provide a comprehensive list of who accepts bitcoin and where. 99bitcoins also offer different educational courses on basic and advanced crypto knowledge.

We are happy to share 99bitcoins' review on Bitwala, read the latest from their blog here.

9. The Block

Anyone with a special interest in learning more about crypto and blockchain related news will find daily updates in short, easily digestible form on TheBlock. Their bite-sized news format makes it easy to understand crypto in-depth and summarize major articles to short, easy-to-understand texts.

10. CCN

As of June 2019, CCN announced its upcoming closure.

CCN offers its readers not only the latest news in the crypto space but also financial markets, business and politics with a global impact. What started in Norway as has evolved into one of the major crypto news platforms. As of June 10th, the traffic for CCN changed, due to a Google Core Update. A statement on the consequences and essentially shutting down one of the most important and major crypto news platforms has been shared by Jonas Borchgrevink, long-time journalist and founder of CCN.

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