Never miss a market trend. Trading Charts, now inside the Bitwala web & app 📈

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We’ve launched trading charts inside the Bitwala app. Now you can track real-time price movements when you want to buy bitcoin or ethereum.

Here at Bitwala, we are constantly making an effort to make your trading experience better and offer you the best tools for your trading practices. Our most recent feature is Trading Charts, a new way to stay updated with your favourite cryptocurrency markets.

What’s new?

Users can now select and monitor the price of bitcoin and ethereum over Day, Week, and Year inside the trading section of the Bitwala app.

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Our Head of Trading, Dennis, explains how to use the new charts:

Whether you are a swing trader, buying the dip and selling the rally, or just want to know what’s happening at a glance: We have the tool for you now.

With the new charts feature, you don’t have to follow crypto markets day-by-day to be aware of the latest price movements in your favourite crypto. Switch from Day to Month to Year to get a bird’s eye view on developments! You can easily identify the current trend and with a look at the upper right hand corner get a precise percentage of the day’s, week’s, month’s or year’s price moves in percent.

There’s also literal (price) history “at your fingertips” when you scroll along the chart. You will always be able to tell how far below or above of the period’s “open” price you can trade by following the dotted line.

This is one of the first ‘refresh’ updates we’re rolling to the app to make your Bitwala journey a more pleasurable, easier experience.

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