Why you can trust the Bitwala debit card


Recently, there’s been a lot of press surrounding certain companies lacking trust and evoking stock market scandals.

Centralised systems misusing the trust they capture is the reason why Bitcoin was created. Trust is inherent to its blockchain and no one can manipulate its decentralised system. We at Bitwala embrace this technology and empower people to benefit from it.

Bitwala is here to make a difference and challenge this by offering secure and trustworthy crypto accounts.

Looking for a new home for your crypto? We strive to be your favourite crypto-friendly card that enables you to easily convert and spend your coins wherever you are. The debit card is free, super secure and pocket-sized, which is exactly why our users love making purchases with the little blue Mastercard.

More Than Just a Crypto Card

The Bitwala account is your very own gateway to the crypto economy. We offer the world’s first bank account incorporating Euro and cryptocurrencies. This means you can buy and sell ether and bitcoin, easily set up direct debits, send international payments and make online card purchases all from a regular bank account.

A Pocket-Sized Travel Companion

The Bitwala debit card fits around your lifestyle, as well as neatly in your wallet. Whether you’re hitting the road or chilling at home - the modern Bitwala debit card serves all situations. Simply sell your crypto funds, receive the Euros within an hour and swipe the card to pay globally - both on and offline. With free ATM withdrawals across the globe, your debit Mastercard is the perfect travel companion. Your Bitwala card is accepted anywhere Mastercard is - simple as that.

It’s 2020 - Why Pay to Use Money?

Our debit card offers our users transparent fees. Alongside a free debit card, we offer a 0% foreign exchange markup worldwide, as well as a competitive flat 1% fee for converting your crypto to Euro.

You Can Count on Us

When looking for an online bank account, security is most likely the main driver in making your decision. Bitwala is protected and certified in Germany, meaning you can trust us one hundred percent of the way. Your bank account, as well as the debit card, are hosted by our trusted partner solarisBank. The solarisBank is compliant with banking provisions and supervised by the BaFin.

"The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required to make it work. ... Banks must be trusted to hold our money and transfer it electronically, but they lend it out in waves of credit bubbles with barely a fraction in reserve." – Satoshi Nakamoto

Live the Bitwala revolution. Order your card from the account you can trust.

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