The wider engineering team is made up of software developers and dev-ops engineers who work together closely in squads. These squads work closely together with a number of other parts of the company to write and deliver features and improvements.

Our tech stack is really modern and our codebase is extremely young - no legacy technologies here! Some of the core technologies that we use include:

React Native

We have a strong focus on collaboration and developing a social culture. We run regular social developer and dev-ops events including chess tournaments, online games, trying out new programming languages as a group, working on side projects, contributing to open source projects to name just a few! And anyone in the company is welcome to join these events!

We’re also a truly international team! We have developers and engineers from all over the place including most of Europe, South America, Turkey, Egypt, India, New Zealand and Iran to name a few.


Head of Engineering

“Here in the Engineering Team we’re working hard (and smart!) to build and enhance the world’s first crypto banking product, so that we can create an awesome experience for our customers. We’re continually striving to make our product better for our customers by adding new features and making improvements that improve the customer experience.”