Happy Genesis Day! The Bitcoin blockchain just turned 8 years old

Happy Genesis Day! The Bitcoin blockchain just turned 8 years old

On January 3rd, 2009 at 18:15:05 GMT, Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first block of the Bitcoin blockchain, also known as Block 0 or the Genesis block. After having released the Bitcoin whitepaper a couple months prior, the mining of the first block marked the dawn of a new era: The age of cryptocurrency!

Today, we’re celebrating Genesis Day!

Congratulations! We have come a long way, but our journey has just started. Bitcoin is reaching new all-time highs these days. The marketcap has broken 16 billion USD. The Euro price is strongly headed towards 1000 EUR/BTC. The Chinese Yuan has broken 7000 CNY/BTC. Bitcoin is spreading around the world, and the pace is picking up. Volumes in large economies such as India, China and Russia have strongly increased over the past year. More and more smaller countries whose populations are enduring monetary hardships such as Venezuela or Ukraine are seeking refuge in the global currency that is called Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and the blockchain technology are changing the world.

The birth of the blockchain has also spawned numerous other cryptocurrency projects. There are hundreds of alternative cryptocurrencies in existence, testing out new ways on how to improve not only the Internet of money but looking for real life applications as well. All inspired by Bitcoin, and always challenging Bitcoin to improve and reinvent itself. The advent of Bitcoin has enabled countless new opportunities. Smart property. The internet of value. Microfinancing and global swarm investing. Prediction markets. Decentralized trade. New forms of gambling and gaming. Incorruptible public ledgers. Even after 8 years, it has only just begun. We have some exciting years ahead of us!

Buckle up, we’re going to the moon!

And we at Bitwala are very excited to be on the ride. So in order to celebrate this special occasion, we’re waiving our usual 0.5% fee on all transactions that are finalized today (until midnight GMT+1). Simply sign up, login and use the code GENESIS before finalizing your transaction. Happy Genesis day!

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