Split dashboards are here: easily manage your banking and crypto 🌎


Out with the old; in with the new. We’ve made use of the latest technology to bring you a refreshing new look which enables you to manage your crypto investments and fiat income in two separate tabs.

After extensive testing and a number of prototypes, which were given the ‘thumbs up’ by our very own Bitwala users; we’re ready to unveil the first interface update of the year.

We prefer an easy life over philosophical jargon. Previously, we included the mantra of ‘swiping between the cryptocurrency and fiat world’, and now we’ve improved the navigation by adding an “Account” and “Wallet” tab, where you can easily control your fiat and cryptocurrencies in two taps.

The “Account” section will contain your fiat assets, while the “Wallet” tab will include your Bitcoin, Ethereum and future investments portfolio.

Why did we make the change?

As we continue to develop and add more cryptocurrencies to our platform, we want to ensure a more streamlined view to both banking and investment options. By splitting the two dashboards, we’re enabling our users to neatly organise their current financial life with their investment portfolio.

More to come:these small interface updates will be gradually launched throughout the year - so you can experience an even easier-to-use Bitwala app for all your banking and crypto needs.

Have some feedback? Let us know, we don’t bite.🙏

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