Market Watch

July 3, 2020

Bitcoin falling wedge pattern suggests a bullish breakout, but one indicator suggests the opposite, 61% of BTC haven’t moved in over a year and what it meant last time it happened, ETH’s is in limbo and where it might go

BTC/USD daily chart

03 july btcusd daily

Bitcoin price continues the downwards trend within a falling wedge pattern. Yesterday, BTC re-tested the support line at $8,950 and bounced back. Now it is likely on the way to test the resistance, which would be in a $9,400 territory, but first it needs to cross a 20-day moving average that provides some resistance as well. The falling wedge is considered to be a bullish pattern, however, a long-lasting bearish divergence on a daily Relative Strength Index warns of a different outcome. As the wedge is nearing the tip, we might see the confirmation to either side in the matter of several days.

03 july glassnode

Looking at the bigger picture, according to Glassnode analysis, 61% of Bitcoin hasn’t moved in more than 1 year. The Supply Last Active chart above shows a new all-time-high. Last time this was the case in 2017, bitcoin went on a massive bull run. This could be a sign that bitcoin might repeat the previous cycle and marks the beginning for the next potential bull run.

BTC/USD daily chart

03 july ethusd daily

After breaking a major support level at the end of June, ether is currently consolidating at the $220-230 level. It is right in between a narrow range of the 20 and 50-day moving averages which align with the 50% on a Fibonacci Retracement. Lucis SAR is on the bearish side, MACD is in the red and Relative Strength Index shows a bearish divergence as well. The bearish sentiment might drive ETH price to test the 100-day moving average at $210. In an optimistic scenario, if bulls take over, ETH might rise to $245, testing the resistance (that used to be a support).

June 30, 2020

Bitcoin price forms a falling wedge pattern, what would be the next target? Wyckoff distribution theory suggest a trend reversal, ETH breaks out of the 4 months pattern

BTC/USD daily chart

30 june btcusd daily

As it was forecasted in our previous issue, after breaking out from the triangle pattern bitcoin price indeed came down to test 100-day moving average at $8,860. BTC shortly reached above the 20-day moving average, but bears pushed it down 10%. Now bitcoin is forming what appears to be a falling wedge, as the price bounces between two downward sloping, converging trend lines and volume is declining. The falling wedge is considered to be a bullish pattern, as the price tends to break to the upside out of this pattern. If this is the case BTC should rise to $9,450 and re-test the resistance line.

30 june wykoff

An interesting theory is circulating in crypto space about bitcoin following the Wyckoff distribution pattern. Richard Wyckoff, one of the pioneers and titans in technical analysis, created a chart with 5 phases A, B, C, D and E. In short:

Phase A - end of an uptrend, exhaustion of demand with decreasing spread and volume
Phase B - preparation for a new downtrend, supply/demand balance has tilted toward supply instead of demand
Phase C - test of the remaining demand, bull trap, large interests misleads the public about the future trend direction

Phase D - supply is clearly dominant, excellent opportunities to initiate or add to profitable short positions. Anyone still in a long position during Phase D is asking for trouble.
Phase E - the unfolding of the downtrend, high-probability opportunity to sell short, beginning of a re-distribution or accumulation.

According to this chart, bitcoin is currently in Phase D that warns us about a trend reversal to the downside. However, once again any theories and chart analysis should be taken with a grain of salt, as there is no price forecast that can be 100% accurate.

ETH/USD daily chart

30 june ethusd daily

After 4,5 months of holding the support, ether finally broke below it and is currently consolidating at the 50% Fibonacci Retracement level. ETH is trading in between the 20 and 50-day moving averages and might come down to test the 100-day moving average at $21. Breaking to the downside might indicate a trend reversal and we might see a further correction. The possible target for a bearish scenario could be $193 (0,382 Fibonacci Retracement level).

June 23, 2020

Bitcoin is trading within a triangle pattern, bearish divergence on RSI calls for a bearish move, the chart that forecasts BTC price to be $326,000 next year and ETH is nearing a tip to break

BTC/USD daily chart

mw 23 june btcusd daily

Bitcoin price continues to move sideways inside a triangle pattern with declining volume. After 10 days BTC finally made a decisive break above the resistance of the 20-day moving average. This in combination with a smaller falling wedge pattern within the triangle, makes re-testing of $10,000 level likely. If not, we might see bitcoin go down to $9,350-9,400 to test the support. Bearish divergence on the daily Relative Strength Index still lingers, giving an indication to be cautious of an upcoming bearish move.

23 june digitalik

An interesting chart was created by Digitalik on how bitcoin price action might repeat what it did previously and where it will lead the price in the upcoming years. The “Cycle Repeat” graph forecasts the next all-time high at $326,000 by October 2021. According to this theory, the peak will be followed by a dip to $55,000. As far-fetched as it may look today, BTC is known to go beyond anyone’s expectations. Furthermore this prediction is somewhat similar to the bitcoin stock-to-flow cross asset model, created by PlanB.

23 june clusters

This one of the most famous price models for bitcoin. Using regression analysis and indicating phase transitions in clusters, this model suggests that the next cluster brings BTC price to $288,000 between 2020–2024. However, it is important to note that these are theories and speculations, not predictions. As Mark Twain once wisely said “History doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes.”

ETH/USD daily chart

23 june ethusd daily

Ether is on the way to retest the $250 price level once again, the resistance it was not able to break above for the past 4 months. ETH is also closing in on the very tip of the triangle, limiting the room for volatility and calling for a soon-ish breakout in either direction. Similar to bitcoin, yesterday’s 9% green candle brought ETH price above the 20-day moving average.

June 16, 2020

How the US Federal Reserve decisions help bitcoin, BTC options contracts demand increases 10x, ETH breached a 3-months pattern and what happen to the price next

BTC/USD daily chart

16 june btcusd daily

Yesterday bitcoin price shortly broke out of the triangle pattern to the downside losing 5%. However, bulls quickly stepped in and drove the price back up above the support line. Once again BTC is facing the resistance of the 20-day moving average on the way to retest the upper side of the triangle. Relative Strength Index demonstrates a bearish divergence on a daily chart and MACD indicator agrees with a bearish sentiment on the market. So, the next attempt of bears to take control might result in at least a 7% decline in price, down to the next support of the 100-day moving average.

Fed reserve helped BTC

Some analysts believe that the decision of the US Federal Reserve to buy individual corporate bonds was the reason behind bitcoin’s price recovery from that dip. Yesterday they announced the intention to increase their spending and purchase secondary bonds in order to reduce corporate debt. American treasury allocated $750 million for the economy and major corporations to stay afloat.

CME Bitcoin options skyrocketing

16 june cme

In the meanwhile, the demand for CME bitcoin options increased 10 times in the last month. The interest in contracts rose to $373 million, a record high. CME Group, one of the world's largest financial derivatives exchanges, took over 20% of the BTC options market. It is important to note that $930 million worth of bitcoin options from both CME and Deribit will expire next Friday on June 26th and around this time volatility tends to pick up.

ETH/USD daily chart

16 june ethusd daily

Bollinger bands form a tightening corridor for ETH as it is experiencing low volatility within a narrow range of an upwards trending channel. Despite the steady growth for the past three months Lucid SAR is looking rather bearish. Yesterday’s breach outside of the corridor to the downside got supported by a 50-day moving average. However, in case of a decisive bearish move we might see a $205 price for ether. In an alternative scenario, breaking above the 20-day moving average could be a signal that ETH will reach the resistance level in $270-280 territory and maintain the pattern.

June 12, 2020

Bitcoin reached a bearish target, what’s next? MACD and Lucid SAR indicators call for further price decrease for ETH

BTC/USD daily chart

12 june btcusd daily

Bitcoin price is down 12% and as predicted in our previous issue, found supported by the 50-day moving average and the 78,6% FIbonacci Retracement at approximately $9070, then bounced back to $9,450. In the upcoming days bitcoin might retest the resistance level at the $10,000 region. However, if it won't be able to break through the 20-day moving average we might see a further decline to where the 100-day moving average lies ($8,700).

BTC/USD daily chart

12 june btcusd daily2

The decrease in bitcoin price could be considered as a healthy correction, after it has been continuously rising and establishing higher highs since mid-March. The same dip can be observed in the stock market as well: S&P 500 is down over 7%, while DOW Jones and Euro Stoxx experienced declines of 8%. In the meanwhile, the US Federal Reserve prints almost the entire bitcoin market cap each month for quantitative easing, while reaching $26 trillion in national debt.

ETH/USD daily chart

12 june ethusd daily

Ether is recovering after yesterday's 10% drop, taking pause above the daily EMA Ribbon. However, the MACD indicator is in the red and after a flash crash on Bitstamp, Lucid SAR turned to the bearish side. This could lead to a $220 price where ETH will face a support line that was able to hold 6 previous times. In case bulls prevail a further 7% growth is reasonable to expect.

June 9, 2020

Bitcoin price in on a verge of a big move, targets for bullish and bearish outcome, ETH dropped 12% in 1 minute, indicators suggest a bearish scenario

BTC/USD daily chart

09 june btcusd daily

Bitcoin price is squeezed in a tight corridor between the resistance line at $9,800 and the 20-day moving average that provides support at $9,550. The low range of action calls for a decisive move in a short term. Breaking below the 20-day moving average might lead to a slip back to the 50-day moving average that aligns with a 0,786% Fibonacci Retracement level at $9,070. On the other hand, if bitcoin turns bullish, we might see a re-test of the significant $10,500 level.

ETH/USD 3 min chart

09 june ethusd 3min

Last night ether had a moment diving over 12% to $214 and rising back up to $243 in a matter of a minute on a Bitstamp exchange. Such a massive move in such a short time interval suggests a trading bot gone wrong.

ETH/USD daily chart

09 june ethusd daily

Things don’t look nearly as dramatic on other exchanges. ETH remains above the 20-day moving average and in between 38,20% and 50% on Fibonacci Retracement levels. The indicators seem to be ready to switch to a bearish side, as we are about to witness a bearish crossover on MACD and Lucid SAR is getting very close to flip. Breaking below the $230 mark might mean a further significant drop to get supported by the 50-day moving average at about $215.

June 5, 2020

Key takeaways: Bitcoin price rally and where it may lead, Bloomberg forecasts BTC price to go above $20,000 this year, ETH touched a critical level - what’s next?

BTC/USD daily chart

05 june btcusd daily

Bitcoin price went on a rollercoaster ride, getting as high as $10,400 and falling over 10% to $9,100 this week. It is currently consolidating at the $9700 level - on the verge of breaking out of a major triangle pattern again. The previous attempt ended up being a fakeout as bears drove the price down. If bitcoin actually breaks above that major resistance line and gets a daily candle closing that would be a signal for a strong bullish trend. As for now, the 20-day moving average serves as support, leaving BTC room to roll back to $9,500 in a short-term bearish scenario.

Bloomberg is bullish on Bitcoin

05 june bloomberg

Bloomberg in their monthly crypto outlook forecast bitcoin price to go above $20,000 before the end of this year. The report compares the current market to 2016 post halving time. They even went ahead and said “Something must go very wrong for bitcoin to not appreciate”

ETH/USD daily chart

05 june ethusd daily

Ether’s bullish trend leads the price to $243, growing over 5% this week. The currency tested exactly the same level as it did on the 7th of March prior to a major crash. This time around ETH is holding ground and might gather some power to reach the 0,618 Fibonacci Retracement ($260). Currently ether is in the upper-mid level on a daily Relative Strength Index and has some room for further growth before correction. The closest support lays at $226, that aligns with the support provided by the 20-day moving average.

May 29, 2020

Key takeaways: Bitcoin price is up 10%, while bearish divergence suggests a soonish decline, from Wall Street investors to celebrities - interest in Bitcoin became mainstream, ETH is at a decisive point but indicators don’t give any strong hints

BTC/USD daily chart

29 may btcusd daily

Bitcoin broke out of the falling wedge pattern to the upside. Price increased 10% in the past 3 days, currently trading at $9,500. According to the pattern, the price is supposed to keep rising till the beginning of the wedge, which is almost at $10,000. However, there is another major resistance level waiting at around $9,800. The volume is not picking up, so it is likely bulls do not have enough momentum to break that resistance. In a bearish scenario, BTC might be supported by the 20-day moving average as the closest target or re-test the $8600-8500 area again, as it did three times before in the past 2 months. Reminding you that the bearish divergence on a Relative Strength Index is getting even more prominent, suggesting a bearish outcome rather sooner than later.

Bitcoin seems to attract an increasing number of Wall Street investors, corporations and famous figures:

  • Grayscale bought 18,910 BTC since the halving, which is 1,5% more than was mined in that period.
  • Paul Tudor Jones, American billionaire hedge fund manager, conservationist and philanthropist, publicly acknowledged his interest in bitcoin
  • CME Bitcoin Futures, a gateway for the institutions has increased significantly in open interest and volume
  • J.K.Rowling expressing interest in understanding bitcoin, with Elon Musk and Vitalik Buterin replying to her tweet

ETH/USD daily chart

29 may ethusd daily

Ether is re-testing a major resistance zone at $220-227. The currency has been on an upwards trending trajectory since mid-March and is nearing the breakout point. Crossing above a 50% on Fibonacci Retracement would be an extremely bullish sign. However, for now indicators do not provide any strong signals to either direction. We might see another test of support at $206, before the decisive move.

May 26, 2020

Key takeaways: Bitcoin trades below $9000, bearish divergence suggest further decline, CME Futures are about to bring some volatility due to expiration date, ETH breakeout is imminent

BTC/USD daily chart

26 may btcusd daily1

Bitcoin price broke below $9,000 on Sunday and bounced off the support line at $8,600. If BTC breaks below that support, we might see an even greater decline. In this case, bears would gain traction that might drive the price down to the next closest support at 0,236 Fibonacci Retracement level ($8,170).

To support that outcome, there is a noticeable bearish divergence on the daily Relative Strength Index. To the upside we see the 20-day moving average that will now serve as resistance together with Lucid SAR. We can expect some volatility on the market as CME Bitcoin futures contracts will expire this Friday.

26 may btcusd daily

Open Interest in BTC Futures is currently higher than at the peak in 2019. As investors tend to settle their contracts prior to the expiration, this usually causes some visible action.

ETH/USD daily chart

26 may ethusd daily

Ethereum is trading in a narrowing range between the support line that currently holds at $202 and the resistance range at $215-230. As ETH is running out of room for action, a breakout is inevitable. MACD suggests a bear trend and if moving averages wouldn’t be able to provide support, we might see the price coming down to $174.

May 22, 2020

Key takeaways: Bitcoin diamond pattern played out, 40BTC transferred by supposedly real Satoshi, ETH price is down despite the Golden Cross and 2,2% of all ether is long

BTC/USD daily chart

22 may btcusd daily

The Diamond top pattern on the daily chart got confirmed as bitcoin price went down 8%.. It broke below the 20-day moving average and is currently supported by 0,786 Fibonacci Retracement level. Reminding you, the target for this pattern is approximately at $7,750, where the pattern initially started. 100 and 200 day moving averages are also in a close proximity to that level. There is a bearish divergence on a Relative strength Index, adding support to the downward trend.

The decrease in BTC price started right after news came out about a possibility that Satoshi Nakamoto made a transfer of 40BTC. According to Whale Alert post on Twitter the wallet was dormant since 2009 and those coins were mined during the first month of Bitcoin's existence. This once again discredits Craig Wright’s claim of being a real Satoshi, as he previously stated that he no longer has access to that address. Many others in the community, including Adam Back and Nic Carter, provide reasoning why this is highly unlikely to be a transfer made by the real Satoshi.

ETH/USD daily chart

22 may ethusd daily

Following Bitcoin, ETH price also declined 8%, despite a Golden Cross on the daily chart. Price was prevented from falling any further by the 100-day moving average. The closest support for ether is at the 0.382 Fibonacci Retracement level ($193).

ETH/USD longs weekly chart

22 may eth longs

However, it seems like the correction did not scare off investors who remain optimistic and long ETH. 2.2% of all ether in existence is currently margin long on Bitfinex exchange. That is a 235% increase from the beginning of the year.

May 19, 2020

Key takeaways: How to trade bitcoin diamond pattern, Golden Cross on ETH chart, bitcoin transaction fee on the rise and hash rate is decreasing significantly

BTC/USD daily chart

19 may btcusd daily

Bitcoin price action has formed a diamond top pattern on a daily chart. The bearish diamond formation usually occurs at the top of a considerable uptrend. If this is the case here, BTC price would currently be consolidating before an upcoming decline. In order to execute this pattern, we need to wait for a confirmation of breaking the lower support line, which would suggest an increased momentum for a probable decrease in price. The probability of a downward breakout is 57% and the target target is likely to be at the beginning of formation, which is approximately at $7,750.

Bitcoin Average Transaction Fee

19 may fees

After the halving, bitcoin transaction fees increased to $4, as mempools are getting fuller, while miners are seeking higher incentives. Just recently it reached an 11-month high at $5,16.

19 may hashrate

Another noticeable consequence of the halving is a ~20% drop of the network hash rate. This is also a result of miners generating substantially less revenue now and thus shutting down inefficient mining rigs. Nonetheless, hashing power remains widely distributed to maintain security of the network. According to the hashrate distribution pie chart, F2Pool,, Pooling and AntPool are still the predominant leaders.

ETH/USD daily chart

19 may ethusd daily

Ether reached exactly the territory mentioned in our previous issue and went above the $215 mark yesterday. Today we can see a Golden Cross occurring on the chart, as the 50-day moving average touched the 200-day average and is about to complete the cross. This would indicate a bullish signal in the near future. To support this, MACD is also on the verge of creating a cross to the green side. Another driver for price increase could be that Reddit is launching Ethereum-based tokens for its r/Cryptocurrency and r/FortNiteBR subreddits. Users will be paid with the MOON and BRICK tokens and used as “community points”.

May 15, 2020

Key takeaways: What indicators say about bitcoin price action, filling the gap theory proven right on CME Futures chart and ETH is in the bear trend.

BTC/USD daily chart

15 may btcusd daily

Bitcoin made a second attempt to re-test the resistance at $9,950 and got rejected going down 6% today. The 20-day moving average is providing support and aligns with the 0,786 Fibonacci Retracement level.

Lucid SAR found the growth over the past week positive enough to switch to support too. The 50-day moving average is reaching to cross the 200-day one. Whether we will see the Golden Cross, a bullish breakout pattern, will depend on how the price action unfolds by the end of this week.

VPVR suggests that BTC might come down to $8,700 price, as it has the most trading volume at this level. Relative Strength Index came down from the overbought territory and is giving mixed signals, showing the signs of an upcoming bearish divergence.

Bitcoin CME Futures daily chart

15 may cme

In our previous issue, we mentioned a gap that was formed on a bitcoin CME Futures daily chart. Filling the gap theory was proven to be right once again, as the BTC immediately came back to fill the distance between $8,800 and $10,000.

ETH/USD daily chart

15 may ethusd daily

Ether is down 12% from its recent high and MACD indicator suggests bearish trend. ETH price is currently trapped in between 20 and 50-day moving averages. And it appears that we might see a Golden Cross on ETH daily chart as well. It now may come down to test the support at about $192. This support level was able to hold since mid-March and bounced back on at least 4 occasions. In a bullish turn of events, ether might return to trade in the $215-$230 zone.

May 12, 2020

Key takeaways: Bitcoin halving happened, BTC price correction, CME Futures gap to fill, hash rate is on the rise and ETH bearish at least in the near future

One of the most anticipated event of this year bitcoin halving took place yesterday, on May 11th. At that moment bitcoin was trading at $8,500. Let’s see how it affected BTC price behaviour.

BTC/USD daily chart

12 may btcusd daily

Bitcoin price is experiencing 13% corrections after reaching the resistance of a major triangle pattern. The price slided back to 0.618 Fibonacci Retracement level and finally found support at the 20-weekly moving average. Breaking below that level at $8,000 could mean BTC entering a bear trend. The bearish divergence on the daily RSI suggests bitcoin price to fall further, possibly to get supported by the 50-day moving average at $7,500 or go all the way to $5,700 to test the support of the overlaying triangle pattern.

Bitcoin CME Futures daily chart

12 may cme daily

On the other hand, there is a strong bullish sign presented on a daily bitcoin CME Futures chart. There is a big gap that historically almost always gets filled. In order to fill this gap, BTC would need to return to $10,000. This might mean another almost 15% growth.

Bitcoin hash rate

12 may hashrate

Bitcoin hash rate is on the rise reaching 136 EH/s prior to halving. It has since dropped slightly to 124 EH/s after the event. Now miners block reward has been cut in half, from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC.

ETH/USD daily chart

12 may ethusd daily

As for Ether, it finally broke below the upwards trending channel. The price is down 13% so far this month and currently trapped between 100 and 200 day moving averages. Lucid SAR is on the upside and MACD flipped to the red zone, suggesting a bear trend for the near future.

May 5, 2020

Key takeaways: Bitcoin is up 134% since the last dip, price behaviour a week before the halving, triangle pattern on a BTC weekly chart suggests correction and ETH shows bearish signs

BTC/USD daily chart

05 may btcusd daily

Bitcoin broke out of a rising wedge 16% to the upside, supported by increased trading volume. Relative Strength Index reached an overbought territory on the daily chart.

The current price is near the 0,786 Fibonacci Retracement level, exactly the point where the price broke down on March 7th. The 20-day moving average is attempting to cross 100 and 200-day moving averages, which would be an even more bullish sign.

The continuation of growth in price is reasonable to assume as the important halving event is going to happen in less than a week. Since the last price dip on March 13th, the bitcoin price increased by 134%.

BTC/USD weekly chart

05 may btcusd weekly

However, let’s consider a different scenario: on the weekly chart, bitcoin has been creating a larger triangle since December 2017. Ever since then BTC, has been establishing lower highs and higher lows, bouncing within the pattern. As the price has now reached the upper resistance, there is a possibility bitcoin might come down to test the support again, before making a deciding move out of this greater pattern.

ETH/USD weekly chart

05 may ethusd daily

Ether has a more steady growth within an upward trending channel. The price broke below the 0.236 Fibonacci level and is currently consolidating at around $210. However, some bearish signs start to appear. There is a subtle bearish divergence on the Relative Strength Index and Lucid SAR just flipped to the resistance side. ETH might come down to test the support level at $180.

April 28, 2020

Key takeaways: Bitcoin and ether bulls showing strength, rising wedge on BTC daily chart, fear on the market is slowly reducing and “bitcoin halving” reached all-time high on Google search

BTC/USD daily chart

28 apr btcusd daily

Bitcoin price broke above a key resistance level at $7,600 after increasing almost 14% in the past week. It was faced with a 200-day moving average resistance and it appears a rising wedge pattern is forming on the chart. If this is the case, we might see BTC testing the support level at around $7,300.

However, considering the upcoming halving event, the hype around the cryptocurrency might drive the price to break above the pattern and meet the first target at 0,618 Fibonacci Retracement level at the $7,957 mark.

VPVR indicator suggests a further jump to at least $8,300, as historically there is a low trading volume in between.

In a bearish turn of events, if a rising wedge pattern will play out, the target to the downside would be the beginning of the wedge, which is at $5,420. Of course, there are several significant support levels on the way down, like a 50-day moving average, 0,382 Fibonacci Retracement at $6,390 and historical $5,800 level.

ETH/USD daily chart

28 apr ethusd daily

Ether bulls also showed some strength, as the price broke above a 100-day moving average. Moreover, 20-day MA is about to cross the 200-day one, which would be a very bullish sign. Relative Strength Index is in the upper-mid level and still has room to the upside. Nonetheless, ETH has been bouncing between the support and resistance lines within an upwards trending channel. As ether tested $200 level and got rejected, it might now go down to test the support again at about $175.

28 apr fear greed

The fear on the crypto market started to descend slowly, as “Extreme Fear” that prevailed for a long time has now switched to “Fear” on a Fear & Greed Index.

28 apr halving search

While Google search for bitcoin halving has reached an all-time high. Interestingly enough, it is mostly European countries like Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Germany and Slovenia that contributed to the search spike.

April 24, 2020

Key takeaways: Bitcoin price is up 10%, indicators looking bullish, but exhausted, what stimulated BTC recovery and ETH bullish vs bearish scenario

BTC/USD daily chart

24 apr btcusd daily

Bitcoin price is up 10% this week after it bounced off the upward trending support at $6,840 and the 50-day moving average. It seems like currently BTC is heading to the 0.618 Fibonacci Retracement level with the 200-day moving average being on its way.

Indicators are looking bullish, but exhausted:

  • The 20-day moving average crossed above the 50-day one.
  • The steady growth provides a continuous moving average convergence/divergence (MACD) being in a green territory, although lately it’s been below 70.
  • Lucid SAR provides support from below, nearing the price action.

Overall Bollinger Bands are squeezing the price in a narrow corridor, giving us an indicator of a coming major movement. If bears prevail and bitcoin breaks below the support, we might see a drastic decline. The next closest support is at $6,400, where the 0,382 Fibonacci level lies. However, it is possible we might see an even further price fall to $5,840 in a very bearish scenario. After a panic sell-off in March, bitcoin price was able to recover over 80% of its value. This positive comeback could be attributed to two major factors: 1) the unstable situation on traditional financial markets that encourages traders and investors to seek for an alternative 2) the upcoming halving that usually is accompanied by a noticeable growth in price.

ETH/USD daily chart

24 apr ethusd daily

ETH is also showing some bullish behaviour, crossing above 20, 50 and 200 day moving averages. It is currently conquering the 100-day MA. If the bulls have enough power to break above 0.382 Fibonacci Retarcement, we might see ether reaching the $200 mark. In a bearish turn of events, the support lies at the $170 price level. Unlike bitcoin, ETH does not seem to be ready for a decisive break out of the pattern just yet.

April 17, 2020

Key takeaways: Bitcoin price in the middle of bulls and bears war before the decisive move, Rainbow chart suggests the entry point, ETH is finally above 50-day MA

BTC/USD daily chart

17 apr btcusd daily

Bitcoin price tested the support level again, broke slightly below and bounced back almost 12%. The price growth stopped at 50% on a Fibonacci Retracement and is currently trading at the $7,000 level.

BTC remains within an upwards trending tunnel and keeps crossing the EMA ribbon. The fakeout also confused MACD, as it was about to cross to the bearish side. The spike in price straightened out the lines and now the indicator is building green blocks again. Yesterday’s short plunge was supported by a 38,20% Fibonacci level at $6,480 and touched the Lucid SAR indicator, that is also very close to flip to the other side and become a resistance.

Bitcoin “Rainbow” chart

17 apr rainbow chart

An interesting chart to look at right now is a logarithmic “Rainbow” chart that shows historical price levels. The current price is at the very low spectrum of the rainbow, that suggests a great entry point to buy bitcoin. Although, this chart should not be taken as financial advice, so far it has been a pretty accurate way to indicate when bitcoin is undervalued or overbought. It also demonstrates the pattern of price behaviour nearing the halving. Reminding you that halving that usually happens every 4 years is going to happen in about 24 days.

ETH/USD daily chart

17 apr ethusd daily

Ether is currently trading at a $170 price level, above the EMA ribbon. Yesterday, when bulls showed some strength, ETH finally broke above the 50-day moving average. In order to see further growth, ETH has yet to overcome the resistance of 100 and 200 day moving averages and potentially reach the 38,20% Fibonacci Retracement level. Alternatively, in a bearish scenario the price can slip back to the closest support at $153.

April 14, 2020

Key takeaways: BTC/USD price broke below, but not decisively, ether’s calm before the storm and bitcoin is a less volatile asset than oil.

BTC/USD daily chart

14 apr btcusd daily

After crossing the EMA ribbon over the past week, bitcoin tested the support level at $6,800 and broke below. Even though the red candle broke out of the pattern and went 5% down in one day, it closed almost at the same level it started. So, despite the bearish move, bulls gave a good rebuff, bringing the price back to $6,900. The price is yet again squeezed between 20 and 50 moving averages. Lucid SAR remains on the supportive side, but it is getting closer to the price action. MACD is on the verge of flipping to the red territory and since the trading volume has not picked up, we are yet to see the major move in the upcoming days.

ETH/USD daily chart

14 apr ethusd daily

Ether has been moving sideways over the three days around the $158 price level. 20 and 50 day moving averages are coming closer and giving ETH less room for volatility. The outcome of the breakout will largely depend on bitcoin price, as both currencies are in the “calm before the storm” mode right now.

14 apr volatility

The price stagnation goes across all cryptocurrencies: XRP, ADA, LTC, BNB are trading with low volatility and volume since mid-March. This is the first time since 2016 that bitcoin is a less volatile asset than oil.

Bitcoin fear & greed index

14 apr fear greed

Relatively lower interest in the crypto market right now is mostly explained by the challenging and uncertain time in the world, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The bitcon fear & greed index, although lower than in the past week, still remains in the “extreme fear” territory.

April 7, 2020

Key takeaways: Bitcoin major price move is imminent, targets for bullish and bearish scenario, ETH broke out to the upside, will it do that again soon?

BTC/USD daily chart

7 apr btcusd daily

Bitcoin is trading within a tightening upwards trending range and the volume keeps declining. This classic pattern gives us a sign that a major movement is coming and the breakout can happen either way, so let’s consider the following three possibilities.

There is a bit more resistance for bitcoin to go to the upside now, as it faces the 50-day moving average. Bulls would need to trade more decisively to build up momentum and break above $7,500. In this case, the closest target would be near the $8,000 price that aligns with a 0.618 Fibonacci level.

In a bearish turn of events, BTC might test the support level at $6,500. If the 20-day moving average won’t be able to hold, we might see an even steeper decline. The target could potentially be at $5,800-5,900. This is a historically significant level that served as support in the 2018 bear market.

Finally, there is a chance that the price will test the support at $6,500, bounce back and then make a decisive break above the narrowing pattern.

Since bitcoin has been growing steadily over the past 3 weeks, the indicators remain bullish/neutral:

  • MACD shows no signs of turning bearish for now
  • BTC price is at the very top of EMA ribbon
  • Lucid SAR is still far below the current price
  • RSI is in an upper-mid level with no signs of divergence

ETH/USD daily chart

7 apr ethusd daily

Ether broke out of its tightening range to the upside and met the resistance of all three moving averages for 50,100 and 200-days. ETH might get supported by the EMA ribbon, which leaves very little room for volatility. Trading within the $166-178 price range should result in another breakout. Similar to bitcoin, the indicators for ETH/USD chart show no signs of a bearish outcome for the time being.

April 3, 2020

Key takeaways: Bitcoin is on the rise, upcoming major move for ether and does bitcoin take safe-haven status back?

BTC/USD daily chart

3 apr btcusd daily

Bitcoin was able to establish a higher high in an upwards trending channel and it is up 15% since the beginning of the week. The RSI recovered to mid level from being oversold on March 12th. BTC now has a support of a 20-day moving average on a daily chart. However, in order to confirm a bullish trend it still needs to surpass the EMA ribbon. Bitcoin made an attempt to cross the ribbon by reaching $7,200, but got quickly pushed down by bears. In the scenario, where bulls take over and drive the price through the resistance, we might see it reaching the $8,500 target, where the previous support was.

S&P500 and Dow Jones daily chart

3 apr stocks

The first quarter ends with Bitcoin outperforming S&P 500, Dow Jones and Nasdaq. After the initial crash along with the stock market and commodities, Bitcoin was able to recover and is doing better than these major US stock indices. So far, this year S&P 500 lost over 20%, Dow Jones more than 25% and Nasdaq almost 15%. Bitcoin is down only 5% and gold is up 5% in 2020.

ETH/USD daily chart

3 apr ethusd daily

Unlike bitcoin, ETH was not able to make a higher high and reach the Fibonacci Retracement target of $153. It got as far as the $149 price point and now needs another attempt to move to the upside. It is now also supported by a 20-day moving average. Low volatility creates a tightening range and the volume is declining as well. Such behaviour is usually calling for a major move in the near future.