Transparent Account Pricing

Transparent Account Pricing


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Bank account€ 0¹
Card order fee€ 0
Card reorder fee€ 9.50
ATM Fees²€ 0
Card Transactions€ 0
Trading fees³ᐟ⁴1%


Coming soon!

¹Customers having an average of more than 50,000€ within a calendar month on their bank account are charged the current deposit facility rate set by the European Central Bank. The fee only applies in times of negative rate.

²Some ATM providers may charge their own fee. Foreign exchange fees might apply when paying in foreign currencies (non-EUR)

³The minimum trade amount is €30

⁴Excluding bitcoin network fees

Three most frequently asked questions

How do I know which exchange rate I’m going to get with my card?

You’ll get Mastercard’s exchange rate, we don’t charge anything on top.

You stated zero ATM fees but I was charged. What happened?

Some ATM owners and independent providers (both locally and overseas) charge their own fees and we can’t control that.

Do I need to let you know that I’m going abroad?

No need! Use your card as usual and transactions will be converted into EUR on your account and bank statement.