Top places to spend Bitcoin in Hanover

spend bitcoin hanover

Hanover, albeit not as popular for tourists as Berlin, Hamburg or Munich, is known for its quaint aesthetic and blend of British and Germanic culture. Commonly referred to as “CeBIT city”, each year over 200,000 visitors come flocking to Hannover for CeBIT, the world-renowned mammoth computer and technology trade fairs. In spirit with the digital innovation event it hosts annually, Hanover is stepping up its game in the field of future technologies, particularly in cryptocurrencies.

Crypto heads in Hannover have gathered with the initiative to make a “Bitcoin Boulevard”, that is comparable to Berlin’s Kreuzberg, the rebellious district of Germany’s capital. Although Berlin is many steps ahead of Hanover in terms of the number of bitcoin-accepting merchants, Hannover has a huge potential in becoming Germany’s second Bitcoinkiez.

In line with this initiative, we have rounded up a list of places for you to spend bitcoin in Hanover, the charming capital city of Lower Saxony.

Tasty eats and cold drinks

Like many other cities in Germany, you can easily find German food at its hearty best in Hanover; Schweinshaxe (pork knuckle), Kartoffelklößen (potato dumplings), sauerkraut, the works. Paying with bitcoin, however, is much trickier. Looking for a great spot for a feed and drinks where bitcoin is accepted? Head on to these 3 spots below.

Spandau Nord, Engelbosteler Damm 30, 30167
Boca Gastrobar, Spichernstraße 7, 30161
Das Kleine Museum, Grotestraße 10, 30451

For caffeine fixes

Had one too many Lüttje Lage (the Hanover “Cult Drink” which consists of a mix of beer and schnapps) last night? Some say prevention is the best cure for a hangover, some say coffee does the trick. Whichever one you are, use bitcoin to pay for a cup of hot drip coffee at these places below.

24grad, Engelborster Damm 52, 30167
Kaffee V17, Deisterstraße 49, 30449
Café Bohne, Limmerstraße 56, 30451

Utility bills, rad kicks, and more

Enercity Stadtwerke Hannover AG, Ständehausstrasse 6, 30159

Did you know that one of Germany’s largest energy providers enables its customers to pay their bills with bitcoin? Enercity started accepting bitcoins as a form of payment for its services (electricity, gas, heat, and more) since September 2016. Fun fact: Enercity is the first known municipal utility company to accept bitcoin directly. This means you can dodge paying third-party fees on top of your monthly payments. You can use bitcoin to pay your bills directly through the company site or the company’s terminal at the Enercity KundenCenter in Hanover.

Fussstolz - Sneakers & More, Limmerstraße 52, 30451

Located in the hip Linden district of Hanover, Fusstolz is known for its range of coveted accessories, great kicks and friendly staff. So if it’s sneakers and cool streetwear you are looking for, make a stop at Fussstolz and pay with bitcoin today.

Edelstall, Capitol Hochhaus, Schwarzer Bär 2, 30449

Looking for a charming, bitcoin-friendly coworking space with a relaxed atmosphere right in the middle of Linden? Look no further! Not only is it a great spot to get your creative juices flowing and productivity running, Edelstall also holds regular after work events and workshops.

Honourable mention

Who doesn’t love ordering food with a few clicks and having it delivered straight to your house, flat, or office desk? Lieferando, a German fast food delivery portal started accepting Bitcoin payments last year and was the first player in the industry to do so. Lieferando accepts bitcoin payments both on their site and app. Just pray that you won’t pull a Laszlo when you look back at your pizza purchases 8 years from now.

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