Bitwala is now accepting Steem!

Bitwala is now accepting Steem!

We’re happy to announce our latest addition to the list of accepted Altcoins and Cryptocurrencies: Steem! Welcome to the family! You can now use Steem to pay for international bank transfers and use it to top up your Bitwala Prepaid Card. It’s fast, cheap and convenient.

What is Steem? And what is Steemit?

Steem is the cryptocurrency that powers the social media platform Steemit. You can buy and sell it like any other cryptocurrency, but there’s more to it: You can change your Steem into Steem power and use that power to vote on posts you like. The more people with Steem power vote on your posts, the more rewards you get. The rewards are paid out in Steem dollars and also Steem power. One Steem dollar is worth the equivalent of one US dollar in Steem. You can use Steem dollars to buy more Steem power or Steem. Which can be used like any other cryptocurrency.

In other words: Make money blogging about your favorite topic!

Ever since the first Steem was paid out on July 4th 2016, Steemit has been all the rage in the blogosphere. Finally, good content not only rewards big corporations but the individual creators themselves. It has attracted a wide variety of indivuals, ranging from a Mexican model over political activists to youtube chefs. The blockchain-based open infrastructure of the site is making it possible for developers to easily develop their own apps and tools, adding new possibilites of sharing engaging content on a daily basis.

Bitwala accepts Steem

It’s pretty simple. Sign up at Bitwala, fill out your payee details and the other required information. Click “Confirm Details” and then choose “Pay With Altcoins”. Now you can select Steem. Follow the further instructions on the screen and you’re done. We’ve released a step-by-step guide over here (scroll down a little).

What to use Steem to pay for coffee? Order your VISA® card today.


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