Thank you for your honest feedback!

Thank you for your honest feedback!

Earlier this month, we asked you all for your time to leave an open and honest review of our company. Many of you have left many reviews that we imagine could be of help to others curious about Bitwala.

From the reviews we’ve collected, here are a few highlights of what all of you have mentioned.

What you loved

Responsive and friendly support

Many of the reviews we collected mentioned how happy you are with the performance of our support team.

Fast transfers and card top-ups

You also mentioned the speedy international money transfer service that we offer. Coupled with great exchange rates and low fees, we are happy to know that many of you enjoy doing business with us.

Much love for our prepaid card

Many of you have mentioned the ease, reliability, and convenience that comes with our Bitwala prepaid card. Your reviews also gave us a deeper insight into just how many of you use our prepaid cards while traveling.

What we could improve

We always try our best to provide you with the fastest turnaround, best rates, and reliable service. However, we are aware that there is always room for improvement. Here are the few things you have mentioned.

Fees are not clear

We understand the importance of knowing the exact fees that come with our service. Therefore, our new website was designed to make it easier for visitors to view the exact information that they are looking for. We have also included a pricing page in the navigation bar of our website where anyone can find our most updated fees.

Fees could be better

We are always on the look out to provide you with the best customer experience when it comes to fees. At the moment, our 0.5% or 1 EUR minimum fee is the lowest on the market. While it would be hard for us to offer a fee lower than that, we will definitely continue to find ways to improve our products and services.

Our turn to give back

We truly appreciate all of you taking the time to write us a review on Trustpilot. As our thank you, we have randomly chosen a customer from our list of reviewers to give an exclusive merchandise to.

Congratulations to our customer Edgar, for winning an exclusive Bitwala goodie bag!

Haven’t left us a review? Let us know your thoughts on Trustpilot today and help us improve!

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