We’ve partnered with CryptoTax to offer you free crypto tax reporting tools 📋


Crypto taxes headaches are a thing of the past now we’ve introduced our brand new tax remedy with CryptoTax. We’re the first banking service to offer integrated crypto tax reporting solutions to users directly through our app.

The free service will be available directly through the Bitwala banking platform and a downloadable 2019 tax report will be complimentary for all Bitwala users. The first report will be available in time for the new accounting year 2019, so you’ll be able to simply download your tax report and share with the tax office or an accountant.

What do we offer?

We’re here to make crypto simple, easy-to-use, and accessible for all. Tax reports for claiming cryptocurrencies can often be troublesome and difficult to calculate. Well, not anymore!

Starting from early 2020, you can simply download an individualised, ready-to-use tax statement for all your Bitwala transactions with a click of a button from your dashboard. Filing you tax statements on your cryptocurrencies trades will be as easy as attaching a PDF-file to an email.

The partnership will include:

  1. Simple and hassle-free tax reporting for your Bitwala cryptocurrency trades
  2. Individualised, ready-for-use tax statements for all your Bitwala transactions.
  3. German and Swiss taxpayers will receive country-specific tax reports meeting all legal requirements.
  4. EEA residents can generate a generic tax report from the Bitwala dashboard.

Why did we partner with CryptoTax?

CryptoTax.io, based in Munich, specialises in crypto tax reporting solutions for investors and users of blockchain assets to ensure compliance with the tax laws of their residence country. CrypoTax is an established, trustworthy and secure partner to enable the crypto reporting functionality on the Bitwala platform.

Are you ready for your crypto taxes?

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