Why you should trade bitcoin and pay with Bitwala


When creating a product that nobody has done before, it is met with initial curiosity and then a lot of questions. One of the most common questions we get is: why do people love to trade bitcoin and pay with Bitwala? There are six major reasons why our unique product is loved in the crypto space.

1. Your very own gateway to the crypto economy

Bitwala is the world’s first bank account incorporating euro and bitcoin. This means you can buy & sell bitcoin, easily set up direct debits and send international payments, all from a regular bank account. You can quickly move between fiat and bitcoin quickly and hassle-free.

Here’s what you can do with your bitcoin after trading with the Bitwala account:

  • Transfer them to any other Bitcoin wallet globally
  • Deposit to crypto-exchanges and trade for other cryptocurrencies
  • Buy goods and pay for services globally
  • Earn interest or take out loans against your cryptocurrency holding via decentralized finance solutions.

We also recently introduced higher trading limits and now offer a limit of €30,000 per 7 days.

2. A pocket-sized travel companion

The Bitwala debit card fits around your lifestyle, as well as neatly in your wallet. Whether you’re hitting the road or chilling at home in your living room - the modern Bitwala crypto-card serves all situations, simply sell your crypto funds, receive the fiat amount and swipe the card to pay globally. With free ATM withdrawals across the globe, your debit Mastercard is the perfect travel companion.

3. A risk-free bitcoin wallet

We treat security as serious business. You have complete control over your user-generated multi-signature wallet and nobody else will ever have access to it. Our wallet creation setup consists of a mnemonic phrase instead of often complex and tricky private key strings.

4. Make it big, cash out instantly

Cashing in or out? No problem. Buy or sell bitcoin and your funds are debited to your Bitwala account or secure bitcoin wallet almost immediately. One price, one decision; no need to struggle to find the best sell order. Whether you’re buying a car or need to pay your rent, we’ve enabled you to do whatever you like with your Bitwala account. Viva la revolution!

5. A bank account that’s worth the buzz

When looking for an online bank account, security is probably the main driver in making your decision. Bitwala is protected made and certified in Germany, meaning you can trust us. Your deposits are protected by German authorities of up to €100,000 so you can have piece of mind.

6. An app designed around the everyday modernist

We’ve designed a beautiful and modern mobile app so you can trade on the go, whenever and wherever you are.

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