Blockchain Banking, coming soon

We will be offering a banking experience
that merges the crypto and fiat worlds


Discover online banking for the blockchain generation*

Together with our partner bank we are building a German online bank account that will allow you to directly buy and sell bitcoin, make and receive payments and manage your finances all in one place.  Read more

blockchain banking on iphone X
blockchain banking app and bitcoin debit card

A debit card for the bitcoin era*

The Bitwala contactless debit card will bring the crypto and fiat worlds together. Spend online and offline and withdraw money at millions of ATMs instantly, anywhere in the world.  Read More

Bitcoin banking is coming, straight from your wallet*

You will be able to store, receive and send bitcoin securely and enjoy managing your transactions all in one place. No one will be able to access your funds without your bitcoin wallet passphrase or your private key.  Read more

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The bridge between banking
and bitcoin is coming your way

bitcoin bank account

Full bank account*

In cooperation with our banking partner, all accounts will come with a German IBAN and a contactless debit card so you can enjoy the best of blockchain banking

secure bitcoin wallet

Safety and security*

Bitwala accounts will come with bank-grade security across our platform to protect your data and funds. All accounts are secured up to €100,000 by the deposit guarantee scheme of German banks

real-time notifications

Real-time notifications*

You will receive instant notifications for every payment or transaction made from your contactless debit card or Bitwala account

crypto banking

Crypto-first approach*

The Bitwala Bitcoin wallet is a secure and convenient way to manage your bitcoin. Export your private keys and stay in control of your bitcoin through any number of forks

contactless bitcoin debit card

Contactless meets safety*

The Bitwala contactless debit card will be your answer to fast and secure payments. Tap to pay in seconds and easily track your payments in your Bitwala app

* Bitwala prepares the legal documents to meet the legal requirements to conduct banking business and to provide financial services in Germany. Currently, Bitwala neither conducts any banking business nor provides any financial services in Germany. All products described on this site are not offered at the moment but will presumably be offered once Bitwala has launched.