Top 10 trending crypto podcasts in the space right now

crypto podcasts

Podcasts have exploded on the internet as informative, fun and easy-to-access knowledge sound-bites. Luckily, over the last few years, there’s been significant growth of audio educational guides on cryptocurrencies which are accessible for everyone with an internet connection.

The crypto content you choose to plug in to is incredibly important for your bitcoin learning path. Whether you’re a crypto novice wanting to join the ranks or an early crypto adopter, there’s a podcast suitable out there for everyone. We’ve put together a list of ten most informative podcasts available for free, on demand, and packed with information from the industry’s finest.

Delve deep into the world of educational resources for bitcoin learning. There’s so much to discover - all it takes is a pair of headphones to take part. Top 10 trending podcasts in crypto-space right now

To get you started…

If you’re super new to the crypto podcast game, we recommend Let’s Talk Bitcoin.

The LTB Network is a publishing platform created for content providers to present the ideas and people involved with cryptocurrency, mainly in the form of podcasts. Participation is rewarded with LTBCoin tokens, which can then be used on the platform.

1. The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast (59.3K listeners)

To help you better understand Bitcoin as both a currency and a network, The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast selects the sharpest minds in the Bitcoin industry and interviews them on a variety of topics ranging from technical analysis to the lightning network.

Podcaster: Trace Mayer

Topics: Bitcoin, Technical analysis, Lightning, Core Development Recent episodes: 11 in 2019 Features: BTCPay, Bitcoin Core developers, and Cypherpunk Total number of episodes: 100+ going back to 2009

2. What Bitcoin Did (42.2K listeners)

The “What Bitcoin Did” podcast was born from the ashes of the bitcoin crash when the host, Peter McCormack, unfortunately, lost a lot of money from the bitcoin “spike” in late 2017. The podcasts reflect on a historical timeline of bitcoin, going back to the days of Silk Road, explaining Bitcoin’s development as a cryptocurrency and how it ended up at the place it is today.

Podcaster: Peter McCormack

Topics: Bitcoin, Ethereum Recent episodes: Libra, Bitfinex and Tether, Microsoft, Lightning Features: people from the entire crypto space, from mining, trading, developing and investing Special episodes with multiple chapters on Silk Road and Mt.Gox Total number of episodes: 100+

3. CryptoVoices

CryptoVoice podcasts seamlessly combines education and entertainment. The focus is on Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, digital ledger technology and broader fintech, including all of the benefits and challenges that come with these breakthrough technologies.

Podcasters: Matthew Mežinskis and Fernando Ulrich

Topics: focus on blockchain technology and mainly about education as well as the economic impact of crypto Recent episodes: Saifedean Ammous, Joshua Scigala (Vaultoro), Chris Burniske 70+ episodes Further, they offer long-scale data on the Bitcoin network which is updated daily.

4. Unchained (43.4K listeners)

The Unchained podcasts feature the latest news and opinions by experts in 20-minute long interviews. Laura Shin, Unchained founder, is a crypto/blockchain journalist, TEDx speaker and previous employee of Forbes.

Podcaster: Laura Shin

Topics: weekly one-hour featuring influencers from the space
Features: CEO, Ted Livingston (CEO of Kik), Charlie Lee, Parity
Total number of episodes: 100+

5. The Bitcoin Podcast Network (5.40K listeners)

The Bitcoin Podcast takes pride in getting their listeners started with crypto without having to understand all the nitty-gritty technical bits. They offer special episodes with leading crypto experts who often raise controversial topics happening in the space.

Podcaster: Marcello Milteer

Topics: three guys sharing their views and opinions on Bitcoin and topics from all areas of the crypto space
Recent episodes: weekly, hour to one-and-a-half hours long
Total number of episodes: 250+

6. Epicenter (7.2K listeners)

The Epicenter Podcast series takes you to the heart of perhaps the most important technological revolution of our time, the rise of decentralised technologies.

Podcasters: Brian Fabian Crain, Sebastien Couture and Meher Roy

Topics: cryptocurrencies, distributed systems,
Ethereum Features: Cosmos, Grin, DogeCoin, OpenBazaar and big names from the industry like Vitalik Buterin, Adem Beck, ConsenSys
Total number of episodes: 300
Other: Started in late 2013, founded and based in Berlin, go live weekly from inside the Full Node

7. TraderCobb (17.7K followers)

Craig Cobb offers free sound-bites of technical analysis and interviews from leading cryptocurrency & blockchain experts, sharing extensive trading knowledge with the community.

Podcaster: Craig Cobb

Topics: trading education, technical analysis and strategies, daily crypto market updates. Offers separate video blog and courses.
Features: Joseph Lubin, Vinny Lingham amongst others
Total number of episodes: 500+ in the free section only
Other: chart analysis of Top10 is free, details on Top100 coins is for premium members.

8. Bitcoin & Markets

Bitcoin & Markets started out as a reaction to the growing danger to Bitcoin’s decentralised consensus posed by social attacks. Now, the founder, Ansel Lindner takes a more laidback approach, offering educational resources and guides to prepare for the next big crypto turning point.

Podcaster: Ansel Lindner

Topics: Bitcoin fundamentals, markets,
Recent episodes: Libra, Tether and Bitfinex, Lightning Network, Ethereum
Total number of episodes: 160+, 20-30 min long
Other: “Community Banter” recorded with the community on Discord

9. POV Crypto Podcast

Burst your crypto information bubble with industry insiders David Hoffman (Ethereum and Blockchain researcher) and Christian Keroles (Bitcoiner), discussing markets volatility, news and other narratives in cryptocurrency.

Podcasters: David Hoffman and Christian Keroles

Topics: Ethereum, Daily news, mining Recent episodes: Libra, DAI, Mining
Total number of episodes: 50+, twice a week
Other: fight nights “BTC vs ETH” as special sessions

10. Magical Crypto Friends (11.1k subscribers on YouTube)

Magical Crypto Friends is, in many ways, not your typical podcast. The banterous, lighthearted YouTube Channel is made up of four members. Every month they release a podcast that combines bitcoin news, technical issues in a simple, amusing yet understandable way.

Podcasters: Panda, Lion, Pony and Chicken

Topics: crypto fun, a combination of news, technical issues explained in a simple way and daily topics of the crypto space
Total number of episodes: 20 Conference

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